John T. Cullen's Metaphysical Fiction Gothic Noir etc


= YANAPOP: Run For Your Life, a Love Story =

by John T. Cullen writing as John Argo

Part 4. San Diego Interlude

= 8. =

Southern California Gothic ModernMartin Brown held a coffee cup in one hand and his cell phone in the other, as he sprawled on one of the big black leather easy chairs in his parentsí den. A news program ran on the big-screen TV, with the sound off and some story running about people harvesting oranges in Israel.

"Martin!" his mother called from the kitchen.

"Mom!" he bellowed, shaking the phone—which had stopped working.

"Do as your mother says," his dad chided from the distant home office, where he conducted semi-retired real estate banking.

"Loser!" Debbie chimed in from outside. Martinís younger sister, an attractive brunette presently wearing a pink bikini, sat by the backyard pool, tanning herself on a lawnchair.

Martin held the phone in both hands, close to his mouth as if to eat it, and said, "I canít stay here anymore. They are driving me insane."

"Martin!" his mother called. "Can you move the car and get the groceries out of the back before the ice cream melts? All you do is sit and watch TV all day."

"Iím recovering from final exams!" Martin cried while raising his face and both arms to the ceiling.

No need to dwell on the scene. Day by day, the drama played out thus.

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